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SPMABC Recertification Points Inquiries

We wanted to advise our members that the page on our website that allows members to access their detailed recertification points report is currently down.

Because we will be migrating to a new system in the coming months, we won’t be able to repair this system, so in the interim, we would ask that you email any points inquiries to this email address ( and we can manually pull your points report and email it to you.

Please be advised that it does take longer to pull these reports manually, so we would advise any members to contact us in plenty of time prior to your expiry date to ensure you have adequate credits in time for your renewal.

We cannot guarantee an immediate response to a request for a points report, due to the numbers of inquiries that are being sent to us.

We hope for your understanding and patience as we move towards our new points database.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about this.


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