Ban on Use of Temprid in the City of Vancouver

We were notified yesterday regarding a ban on the use of Temprid in the City of Vancouver.

After having spoken to the Ministry of Environment, we have confirmed that because the City of Vancouver has its own charter, it is in a unique position to be able to enact such a bylaw.

Vancouver is the only jurisdiction in the province that can create a bylaw limiting the use of pest control products within their boundaries. A link to the ban has been provided below and the pertinent section has been highlighted for your reference.

Please note that this ban is not just on Temprid, but on all products categorized as neonicotinoids.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Seclira cockroach bait
  • Seclira aerosol insecticide
  • Max Force Impact cockroach bait
  • Max Force Fly Spot Bait
  • Max Force Quantum ant baits

All information regarding the ban can be found on the Vancouver Health Bylaw Website’s PDF:

I’ve copied the specific sections that pertain to the use of neonicotinoids below. There are exempted uses for pesticides (e.g. inside buildings, or for human health hazards) but neonicotinoids are specifically excluded from these exemptions.

Ban on pesticides

2.9 A person must not apply, or suffer or allow the application of, a pesticide:

a) that is a neonicotinoid; or

(b) that is a registered control product under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada); and

that persons use directly or indirectly to control, destroy, attract, or repel a pest, being:

(i) an animal, plant, or other organism that is directly or indirectly injurious, noxious, or troublesome, or

(ii) an injurious, noxious, or troublesome condition or organic function of an animal, plant, or other organism, or to mitigate or prevent any injurious, noxious, or troublesome effects of a pest.

Exception to ban on pesticides

2.10 Despite section 2.9, a person may apply, or suffer or allow the application of, a pesticide other than a neonicotinoid:

(a) to disinfect swimming pools, whirlpools, spas, or wading pools;

(b) to purify water intended for the use of human beings or animals;

(c) within an enclosed building, being an area closed in by a roof or ceiling and walls with appropriate openings for ingress or egress equipped with doors which are kept closed except when actually in use for ingress or egress;

(d) to control termites;

(e) to control or destroy a health hazard;

(f) to control or destroy pests which have caused infestation to property, being the presence of pests in numbers or under conditions which involve an immediate or potential risk of substantial loss or damage;

(g) to exterminate or repel rodents;

(h) as a wood preservative;

(i) as an insecticide bait enclosed by the manufacturer in a plastic or metal container made in a way that prevents or minimizes access to the bait by human beings and pets;

(j) as an insect repellent for personal use; or

(k) that contains only one or more of the active ingredients set out in Schedule A to this By-law.

If you have specific questions about the details or scope of the bylaw, I would encourage you to contact the City of Vancouver.

This situation is ongoing and we will provide updates as we receive them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns.

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