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Membership Updates – Recertification Credits and Upcoming Training Options

For those who did not receive this update at the CPMA conference, we are thrilled to announce that our web-based recertification database is now back online.

All you should need to do is put in your last name and certificate number, and it’ll pull up your credit report. Https://

There are a few members who have reported thus far that they have been unable to pull up their report. If this is the case, please email us at the address. It will not mean that you don’t have any credits towards certification—it would only mean that there was an input error (as all the records were input manually), or that we have an old certificate number on file. This can be corrected as soon as it’s been reported to us.

Secondly (this was shared at the AGM last week but for those who were not in attendance) we have been having some issues with this inbox (due to it’s prolonged use there are several spam issues) where emails from our membership are not landing (particularly with attachments), but I’ve been advised that a new inbox will be set up soon and when that happens, we will be sure to update our membership with the correct contact information.

Finally, I’ve received confirmation that the upcoming web-based training sessions through PCT (COCKROACH CONTROL: NEXT-LEVEL LEARNINGS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE), has been approved for the following provincial credits:

12:15-1:15 Cockroach control in multi-family housing1 credit Pest Management  
1:25-2:25 Solving challenging cockroach control infestations in food facilities1 credit Pest Management
2:35-3:35 Lessons learned: Cockroach control case histories1 credit Pest Management  
3:45-4:45 Cockroach control: Getting down and dirty1 credit Pest Management  

Registration for the PCT session can be completed here.


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